What Is the Average Cost of CPR Certification Classes in Sacramento?

What Is the Average Cost of CPR Certification Classes in Sacramento?

The American Heart Association notes that almost half of the 1.5 million citizens in Sacramento suffer from high blood pressure that exposes them to risks of cardiac arrest. A number this high allows us to consider hypertension a public health hazard.

It is familiar to us that reacting immediately after a person undergoes a cardiac arrest significantly raises their survival chances. To raise awareness of the importance of CPR and first aid, Sacramento features multiple CPR certification classes that come at affordable prices. 

This article is informative for everyone who struggles to find a reliable CPR certification course that will meet their goals and expectations for an affordable price. 

What Determines a CPR Certification Class Cost in Sacramento?

The costs for CPR Certification vary from provider to provider. You will notice that there are super expensive or inexpensive prices for the same type of certificate. However, the cost for a certificate is predetermined according to certain factors or values that form that cost. Knowing the general factors that influence the price will help you navigate easily through your provider research.

In the content below, we are going over the factors that influence the price range, which will help you get a better understanding of the providers and evaluate the best offer for you:

Type of Class

Every candidate has certain goals or objectives they want to meet when they enroll in a CPR class. For that reason, providers divide CPR into several branches that come with individual curriculums. 

Here are the main differences:

  • Adult CPR Classes: During these classes, candidates become familiar with providing first aid in case of a cardiac arrest to people over 12 years old. Anyone who wants to learn the basics or must get a CPR certificate for their job will find this type of class fitting.
  • Children and Infant CPR Classes: As the name implies, these classes focus only on teaching students children and infant CPR methods adapted to their physiques and underdeveloped bodies. All parents, professional babysitters, guardians, or other people working with children may enroll in this program.
  • All-inclusive CPR Classes: These are blended courses of Adult and Children + Infant CPR classes, and normally due to the scope of the material these classes cover, they take the longest time. Otherwise, the all-inclusive classes are recommended to healthcare workers or people in the medical industry.

Notes: In some instances, individuals certified in CPR may be required to extend their CPR knowledge for their job or another reason. This is usually needed if they’ve only taken an adult or children/infant-specific course instead of the all-inclusive one. 

For this reason, some CPR prodivers let you continue from where you started (a.k.a. you wouldn’t have to retake the entire course). However, you should know that there are still some providers that exclude this option, and you may have to retake the entire course. This will only add an extra burden to your fees.

Also, mind that some providers include learning materials in the price, while others leave it as an extra cost. Remember to reread the course details for more information, and if you cannot find any, reach out to the customer support team.

Class Format

Most CPR providers conduct their classes in three formats: online, in-person, or hybrid. Depending on these formats, the price may significantly change.

Namely, when it comes to online vs in-person classes, you can expect that the in-person class will cost more than the online one because of the capacity. There is no limited number of participants that can join a virtual meeting, whereas classrooms have a limited number of seats.

Hybrid or blended classes are a combination of online and in-person classes. These are the most convenient classes because they allow candidates to join online whenever they cannot join the meeting in person. Additionally, the blended classes include the practical part where candidates can demonstrate what they have learned over the course in front of an instructor.

You should know that some institutions do not accept online-only certificates because they do not verify your practical skills and are not OSHA-certified. In other words, the certificate you applied for will not satisfy the working or other criteria, and you’ll have to retake the course again.

Level of CPR

The level of CPR is the last fundamental factor CPR providers take into account when it comes to the price. Namely, adult-only CPR classes take less time to cover the material because they only focus on methods regarding providing CPR and first aid to anyone over 12. This level is known as Level A.

Child and infant CPR is a separate course that focuses only on procedures regarding providing first aid to children and infants under 2 years old. However, to take this course candidates must pass Level A and advance to children and infant CPR, which is considered Level B. In terms of duration, Level B is the same as level A.

Level C covers adult, infant and children CPR techniques. Some providers label these classes as adult and pediatric classes, but they all refer to the all-inclusive Level C course. 

Average Cost for CPR Certificate Classes in Sacramento

There are a fair number of CPR certificate providers in Sacramento with diverse courses of all types and forms. 

In the table below, you can see the price variables from one health organization or provider to another per course:

Adult OnlyAmerican Red Cross Organization: $37Red Cross Organization: $62Red Cross Organization: $105
Child and Infant OnlyRed Cross Organization: $37YMCA of Superior California: $115 (candidate must have adult CPR knowledge)Red Cross Organization: $100 (goes along with adult CPR)
All-inclusive ClassesRed Cross Organization: $37
CPR Access: $21.99
Safety Training Seminars: $140
YMCA of Superior California: $115 
Red Cross Organization: $100
Sacramento Security Training Center: $95

Prices are usually dictated by major CPR course providers like the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross, especially if other providers follow their guidelines.

Tips to Help You Land the Best CPR Certification Class in Sacramento

If you still cannot choose a CPR certification provider in Sacramento, we provide you with several helpful tips enlisted below:

  • OSHA Compliance: If you need CPR certification for your job, you must check whether the provider is OSHA-compliant and eliminate the ones that do not offer this feature. Certificates without OSHA compliance cannot verify your skills, rendering them unmarketable. Therefore, you may have to take another class and add extra costs on top of the existing ones.
  • Focus only on the specification: Depending on your job position, you may need a specific certificate. Babysitters need children and infant CPR, employees at companies need adult CPR, and doctors and other types of healthcare providers need the all-inclusive certification. To spare yourself your money and time, choose only the class you need. 

Once you determine your goals, choosing among the many CPR certification classes in Sacramento will become a breeze.

Average Cost of CPR Certification Classes in Sacramento: Conclusion

What is the average cost of CPR certification classes In Sacramento? To conclude, the average cost of CPR certification classes in Sacramento depends on the types of class and falls among the following range:

  • Adult-only CPR: $20-$120
  • Children and infant CPR: $40-160
  • All-inclusive CPR: $40-$180

These numbers are not fixed, and there are many providers that offer below or over the above mentioned price range for a certification card. However, bear in mind the other factors influencing the price:

  • OSHA compliance
  • Class format (online, in-person, hybrid)
  • Materials included in the course and renewal costs
  • The level of CPR.

Ultimately, before you enroll in a program, make sure to research the provider. Go to online forums where you can find real user testimonials. Read them, evaluate your decision, then take the course. That way, you can rest assured that you got the right provider for the best price.