BLS CPR & AED Renewal in Sacramento


American Heart Association AHA BLS CPR and AED Recertification

CPR Certification Sacramento provides an excellent American Heart Association (AHA) CPR renewal program for our community that fulfills all OSHA requirements.

Sample American Heart Association AHA BLS CPR Card Certification from CPR Certification Sacramento

Sacramento CPR Renewal Classes

CPR Certification Sacramento provides an excellent American Heart Association (AHA) CPR renewal program for our community that fulfills all OSHA requirements. Our team of instructors gives you the precise education you need to continue providing exceptional care for your work, school, or as a Good Samaritan. If your certification has expired or you are on the brink of needing to renew your CPR certification, sign up for our training today!

Our CPR Renewal Training Includes

  • Same Day CPR + First Aid Cards
  • Hands on Chest Compression Training
  • Rescue Breath Training
  • AED Usage for Infant, Child, and Adults
  • Friendly and Relaxed Environment
  • Professional Instructors

CPR Certification Sacramento Locations

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Sacramento’s Best CPR Renewal Classes

Know CPR. Make a difference. Save a life.

CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation provides the actions you need to take to help save a life, including —

  • Checking the individual’s heartbeat and breathing
  • Providing rescue breathing
  • Conducting surface chest compressions
  • Effectively offering life support until further medical help arrives

You will leave your class with your BLS renewal and CPR certification card the same day. This enables you to get back to serving your community sooner!

Who Needs CPR Certification Renewal?

It can be so easy to forget about your CPR status — to stay within regulations, you must renew your CPR training every two years. Signing up for our course allows you to quickly resume providing CPR and BLS assistance.

What to Expect in Your CPR Recertification

You will leave our CPR Certification Sacramento course confident in your life-giving skills. We will review identifying the seven CPR steps and taking care of the person in crisis until further medical assistance arrives.

After finishing the course, you can resume providing the best CPR care, no matter the situation. You will meet AHA and OSHA requirements for any employer requirements and leave as confident as ever to help anyone needing CPR.

All employers and organizations accept CPR Certification Sacramento, including —

  • Nurses, RNs, and CNAs
  • Hospitals EMT/Paramedic Companies
  • Home Health Aides
  • Personal Training Facilities and Gyms
  • Schools (Private and Public)
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Construction Sites
  • Daycare and Other Caretakers
  • Nursery Caregivers and Workers
  • Nursing Schools and All Other College Programs
  • Nonprofits like the Boy and Girl Scouts of America
  • Firefighting and Other Municipalities

Why Train With Us?

We respect the work you’re doing and enjoy creating connections with our community — one way we do that is by offering on-site group training! Your people can come to our facility, or we can bring the training to your mid-sized to large group. All attendees, groups, or regular classes, receive —

  • The most widely acknowledged and accredited training
  • Straightforward class time with hands-on elements and smaller group sizes
  • A clear learning experience
  • Your AHA CPR card prepared for you that same day


How long does CPR certification last?

According to OSHA and AHA conditions, your BLS renewal credentials will last two years.

When can I take my CPR renewal course?

We deliver expert CPR renewal classes every week. Simply select the class time that best fits your schedule!

How will I complete the CPR renewal certification course?

Once you register for the course, simply come to your class time, and we’ll take care of the rest. The program includes a certified trainer who will handle all required live-trained segments, testing, and skills check, ensuring that you are AHA BLS CPR and AED Healthcare Provider certified.

Be mindful of other online options that may initially look less expensive but do not include the required in-person skills check, testing, and card. Taking our CPR renewal class, you will quickly regain the highest-level CPR certification to help save a life!

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